V S I Security Pvt. Ltd

Salient Features

We have Managers Ops, Manager, Field Officers based at major locations responsible for complete operational activities of the concerned area.

Our security guards will be responsible for the following works.
  1. Screening and recording the details of every visitor.
  2. Issuing of entrance passes to the visitors and escorting them to the concerned officers and keeping strict watch on their movements as per the policy of the management.
  3. Checking and keeping proper records of all incoming and outgoing materials through gate-passes and Challans.
  4. Checking/Controlling/Searching of all Male, Female, Worker and Staff by respective sex of security staff as per the policy of the management.
  5. Assistance in case of Strikes and labor unrest.
  6. The company shall make provision of Fire Fighting equipment. We will inform and assist the fire Brigade in an emergency.
  7. Surprise Security check days and night on working and non working days.
  8. Submitting daily log report to the management.
  9. Preventing misuse of water, electricity & Transport.
  10. Liaison with civil police and other authorities.
  11. Checking/Controlling/Parking of all vehicles as per the policy of the management.
  12. Controlling/Maintaining record of all keys.
  13. Deposit of un-authorized items in security office.
  14. Any other task allotted by you in the interest of security at your premises.